The Farm...

Our 400 acre farm has a small closed herd of crossbred cows, that live outside in the fields whenever possible. When inside they have beds of deep straw and are fed with grass and clover silage that has been grown on the farm.


We aim to produce quality milk from healthy, relaxed,
happy cows. Cow hugging is encouraged. There are also
a few horses, dogs, wild cats and the ubiquitous chicken
living in the farmyard.


The farm is picturesque, especially in the summer.
We have areas of flat marshland blended with the gentle undulations associated with the weald. We have woods,
hedges, ponds, shaws, marshes, old meadows, streams…


We share our farm with deer, wild boar, snakes, badgers...
and a succession of bird and wild flower populations that progress with the seasons.