How we do it...


Our dairy is based in the same farmyard that we started in 1981. Our dairy aims to produce only good quality product to a highly professional standard.



We take milk from our own farm as well as buying milk from other local farmers. Fresh raw milk is delivered to our dairy
on a daily basis. All the milk we process comes from cows living in Kent and Sussex, all the milk we process is fully traceable.
We test all the milk delivered before we pasteurise it. Along side
the standard regulatory testing we also have a specialist testing systems in place to try to ensure that our milk is perfect for the discerning barista. Once tested it is then pasteurised.


Our pasteuriser gently heats the milk to just over 70ºC, it then holds the milk at this temperature for 15 seconds before cooling it rapidly to 4ºC. Milk for bottling is then gravity fed into bottles, capped, labelled, and put into the cold store, ready for delivery the next day! During the pasteurisation we can also do any skimming. Allowing us to sell skimmed and semi skimmed milk, as well as providing us with cream. Our packaging is widely recycled but we recommend removing the label from the bottle before disposal.



Whole Milk for Baristas. We relish the challenge of providing good quality milk for our coffee shop customers. Several of us have received formal training from professional baristas, we froth test all milk daily using a La Marzocco Linea. We also work with professional baristas within the café community that test our milk regularly and give us feedback. We have been delighted to be invited to sponsor competitions on behalf of the SCAE
and look forward to working with them in the future.



We make two ranges of ‘churn incubated’ yogurts, one low fat and the other with added cream. These are available in a range of pack sizes, either natural or with added fruit. We also make
a vat incubated yogurt, to which we add nothing. This is only available in bottles. We make Crème Fraiche, this has a particularly buttery flavour. We also make Full Fat soft cheese.